Kitchen Cabinet Painting by Eugene Painter

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Cabinetry is often what stands out most in a kitchen.  It is important that kitchen cabinets have a durable, cleanable finish and being the focal point of your kitchen it is also important that they look amazing!

Many kitchens have nice cabinetry with an outdated stained or painted finish.  Sometimes all it takes is a new paint job to rejuvenate and modernize your kitchen.

If you are having new custom cabinets installed then you should consider having them painted after installation.  Once the cabinets are installed and the crown molding, toe kicks and scribes are all in place we can patch nail holes, repair any damages or adjustments made during installation and caulk everything together giving your cabinetry a truly seamless, built-in look.

Skylark Kitchen Cabinets Painted by Eugene Painter

Beck Painting can bring the shop finishes to your house!  We offer sprayed specialty coatings for kitchen and bathroom cabinets and can achieve a smooth, furniture-grade finish in many colors.

Here are some sample pictures of kitchen cabinets we have painted over the years.

Kitchen Cabinet Stained Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painter in Eugene

Kitchen Cabinets painted by Eugene Cabinet Painter

Cabinet Painting Refinishing

Beck Painting is your local Commercial & Residential Painter.  Our goal is to provide our clients with long lasting, high quality paint jobs.  From prep to finish, each application is executed with care and integrity. We pride ourselves on utilizing the finest methods, materials, and equipment, so that our clients can rest assured knowing they have extended the life, beauty, and value of their business or home.  Contact Beck Painting today to discuss how we can help.

Cleaning before painting cabinets

Our Process for Refinishing Cabinets

The first step in refinishing kitchen cabinets is cleaning.  Kitchen cabinets accumulate a lot of grease from cooking and being handled.  We thoroughly scrub all surfaces to be painted using a TSP substitute as shown on top.

After that we disassemble everything as shown next, carefully taking inventory on all hardware.

Disassembling cabinets before painting

Masking is next. All surfaces not being painted are protected and the work area contained to limit dust and odor.   Both the Masking and Site Containment is shown in the following two pictures.

Masking cabinets before painting

Site containment for cabinet painting

The next step is sanding. Everything gets sanded to ease sharp edges, and promote adhesion of primer coats as shown next.

Sanding cabinets before painting

If your cabinets are currently stained the nail holes and joints will need to be patched and some caulking will be necessary, as demonstrated in the next image.

Caulking cabinets before painting

After a coat of primer imperfections become visible and can then be patched and sanded as seen next.

Priming and critiquing before painting cabinets

Another coat of primer is applied and the critiquing process repeated as necessary.

More priming before painting cabinets

Finally, the enamel is ready to be applied. We use high quality pre or post catalyzed products and can educate you based on your specific needs.

cabinet refinishing painting after

Next we show a recent Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Painting Project completed in conjunction with a leading local cabinet maker. We teamed with them to provide the paint-grade finishes including the kitchen cabinets, master bathroom vanities and linen cabinets.

Eugene Kitchen Cabinet Painter

Following we show another Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project in Eugene where we made dramatic changes to a dark room and made it one where our clients love their new, bright inviting kitchen.

Eugene Kitchen Cabinet Painter After

This next Kitchen Cabinet Painting project in Eugene took old, outdated oak cabinetry with a yellowed finish and completely transformed the room.

Eugene Painter for Kitchen Cabinets

Another Eugene Kitchen Cabinet Painting project was obtained by a referral from a designer we work with.

Painter for Eugene Kitchen Cabinets

This next Cabinet Painting project near Coburg transformed a natural look with this better than factory finish.

Painter for Coburg Kitchen Cabinets

Following is a West Eugene Kitchen Cabinet Painting project. We transformed a yellow lacquered finish reminiscent of the late 90s to a bright and fresh kitchen.

We are excited to share this Southwest Kitchen Cabinet Painting Makeover.  A lot of work went into revitalizing the outdated, dark red toned, wood cabinets.

House Painter for Southwest Eugene Kitchen Cabinets