Big Ceiling Painting

Ceilings can be difficult to paint as shown in the picture above.  Sometimes they are very tall and difficult to access without special equipment.  Save your efforts for things more deserving of your time and let us do the painting.

Ceilings can be used to add another dimension of interest and detail to a space.  An accent color on a ceiling can liven up a space in a very positive way while painted or stained ceiling details such as beams, paneling or tongue and groove planks can give your home a luxurious high end look.

In this next picture you see how an otherwise unused space can be utilized to add another layer of depth and detail.

Ceiling Painting by House Painter in Eugen

Something as simple as paint can liven up a space in a very positive way. In this next picture we used Sherwin Williams Reflecting Pool on the ceiling.

Painted Ceiling Accent Painted Color

Following is an example of allowing this accent wall color to travel up the ceiling was a creative way to add depth and set a dramatic mood for a game room/theater.

Accent Wall Color Painted onto Ceiling

Now look at how the Faux beams and dark ceiling paint add an exotic touch to this modern in-home theater.

Theater Ceiling Accent Paint Faux Beams

This in-home tavern is amazing, in so many ways, but I think it’s safe to say that the ceiling detail shown next makes the space infinitely more interesting.

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