Painter for Eugene Kitchen Cabinets

Eugene Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Cabinetry is often what stands out most in a kitchen.  It is important that kitchen cabinets have a durable, cleanable finish and being the focal point of your kitchen it is also important that they look amazing!

Many kitchens have nice cabinetry with an outdated stained or painted finish.  Sometimes all it takes is a new paint job to rejuvenate and modernize your kitchen.

Here we show a recent Cabinet Painting Project completed in Eugene.   It is hard to believe that the leading image on top leads to a beautiful kitchen that is shown immediately after.  Our friend Jen West at Jen West Design was hired to update this kitchen. She recommended painting the cabinets and called us for a consultation. We explained our process to her clients and they hired us to do the work.

This next photo allows you to appreciate the old, outdated oak cabinetry with a yellowed finish that was there before Beck Painting arrived.

Before Painter for Eugene Kitchen Cabinets arrived

In addition to the protection we demonstrated above, here are two more images of the preparation we did. The room was contained to prevent dust from escaping.  Then we apply several coats of primer. We sand and critique in between coats until its ready for the finish.

Painter for Eugene Kitchen Cabinets with dust protection
Painter for Eugene Kitchen Cabinets priming before painting
Painter for Eugene Kitchen Cabinets has ventilation in place

We used a durable, highly cleanable, chemical resistant, paint with satin sheen to create this beautiful island view.

Painter for Eugene Kitchen Cabinets Island View

There is simply no other way than to say “What a difference!”.  The range shows it all.

Painter for Eugene Kitchen Cabinets Range View