Painter for West Eugene Kitchen Cabinets in neighboring Harrisburg

West Eugene Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Cabinetry is often what stands out most in a kitchen.  It is important that kitchen cabinets have a durable, cleanable finish and being the focal point of your kitchen it is also important that they look amazing!

Many kitchens have nice cabinetry with an outdated stained or painted finish.  Sometimes all it takes is a new paint job to rejuvenate and modernize your kitchen.

Here we show a recent Cabinet Painting Project completed in West Eugene.   Previously this kitchen had very nice cabinets with a not so nice, yellowed lacquer finish reminiscent of the late 90’s. We completed our painting process and transformed these cabinets giving the kitchen a bright new look and feel.

We begin by seeing how dated the kitchen looked.

West Eugene Painter shows outdated Kitchen Cabinets

After protecting all adjacent surfaces we applied primer and filler to eliminate wood grain.

West Eugene Painter prepares Cabinets for Painting

Sometimes it takes a couple of rounds of primer, filler and sanding to achieve a furniture grade finish.

West Eugene Painter primes Kitchen Cabinets

The end results are worth the effort.

Painted West Eugene Kitchen Cabinets