Hi, I’m Abel Beck owner of Beck Painting Inc.  I have been in the painting trade for over half my life.  My father, who was also a painter, taught me the basics and let me tag along on the job site as a young teenager.  When I was through with high school I completed a construction apprenticeship program where I got hands on experience with all aspects of construction.  I helped build six houses during the apprenticeship and the experience was invaluable.   At age eighteen I went to work for a local painting contractor named Mark Schoenberg.  Mark gave me experience in a wide variety of settings and I gained confidence in my abilities as a painter.  After three years working for Mark, I decided it was time to go see the world and get some perspective.  So I moved to Hawaii and went to work for the Big Islands premier painting company Grand Illusion.

While working for Grand Illusion I was introduced to things I would never have been able to imagine.  They used marine grade epoxies, HVLP sprayers, and painted homes for the unbelievably wealthy.  It was humbling to realize how much there is to know about painting.  I left Hawaii with great memories and arrived in Seattle Washington with invigorated inspiration to learn more about my trade.

I applied for a journeyman level position with a high end, new construction, residential painting company called Kerygma.  It was the largest crew I had been on yet and I felt insignificant among so many professionals.  The owner of the company was an incredible artist with an amazing ability to communicate directions.  He taught me how useful it is to be able to explain exactly what it is I’m doing.  I developed awareness and a heightened sense of perfection.  I sanded, and caulked till my fingers bled.  I spent the next year of my life, with a halogen lamp in hand, critiquing millwork by a process of scrutiny that would qualify as an obsessive-compulsive disorder.  I have not seen such an efficient, quality oriented, way of working since then (except when I try to emulate it in my own work).

Work slowed down so I went to work for a commercial painting company, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, named H&H.  This is where I got my first experience as a lead painter.  Delegating tasks and being responsible for ten painters were the best learning experience yet.  When I moved back to Eugene I looked up Mark Schoenberg and went right back to work.

After a few more years under the wing of a contractor I felt the spirit of independence growing inside me.  It was time to set out on my own so in 2005 I started Beck Painting.  Beck Painting Inc. is the accumulation of 20 years of experience and knowledge that has been passed down to me from many extraordinary professionals.  I love sharing what I have learned and am confident that I can help you choose the most appropriate applications for your project.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my company.  We look forward to providing you a great service and nice working relationship too.