Detailed Painters for Millwork

Millwork Painting

Millwork painting is our specialty!  Things like kitchen cabinets, coffered ceilings, newel posts and stair railings are supposed to stand out and need to look amazing. We are detail oriented painters. Millwork such as newel posts, balusters and hand rails really stand out and can give your home a high end look.  A poorly done paint job can cause them to have the opposite effect. Our process is the culmination of proven techniques which we rely on to achieve beautiful finishes. We invest heavily in the prep work: patching, sanding, priming, critiquing and repeating, as necessary, until a smooth, uniform, defect free finish is achieved.   We only use high quality, durable, cleanable products that will give you many years of trouble free beauty.

The Process:
We invest heavily in the prep work. For newly installed millwork the process begins with filling nail holes and joints with wood filler as seen in this next picture.

Then we mechanically sand everything flat, hand sanding edges and contours.

Millwork Painting Woodfiller Sanded

As soon as everything is sanded smooth and flat we caulk all of the seams.

Millwork Painting Caulking

After that we prime and begin critiquing everything using Bondo to repair any remaining imperfections.

Here in the next image we are using bright lights to search out, patch, sand and eliminate imperfection.  Afterward we will re-prime and critique until we are satisfied that we have achieved the smoothest, most defect free surface as possible.

Millwork Painting Bondo Preparation

Then we apply the enamel.  The enamel is applied with great care and much effort is given to achieve a smooth uniform finish as shown next.

Millwork Painting Mantel Applying the Enamel

These next several images show our use of a low sheen, hard, durable, catalyzed enamel.

Millwork Painting Mantel with Catalyzed Enamel
Millwork Painting Bench Catalyzed Enamel
Millwork Painting Fireplace Catalyzed Enamel
Millwork Painting for Fireplace Mantel by Eugene Painter

Here we show a beautifully painted Eugene Stairway.

Painter for Eugene Stairway