Eugene Oregon is the birthplace of Beck Painting Inc. Beck Painting’s owner Abel Beck was born at the old Sacred Heart Hospital near the University of Oregon. As a teenager attending South Eugene High School Abel would often spend his weekends painting houses in the Eugene and Springfield area with his dad. These days Abel can point out numerous houses he’s painted in every neighborhood of Eugene. From the Ferry Street Bridge area out to Barger, Whitaker to Hendrix Park, and Gilham to Spring Boulevard.

Here we feature a painting project we completed for a house in the Cal You Young neighborhood.

The leading picture on top introduces how a clean, bright paint job is an absolutely necessary back drop to a well-furnished space.  No house painting detail was missed in this project. There is just so much to show so come on a tour with us.

Next we show the grand entrance of this Cal Young area remodel.

Eugene House Painter for Staircase in Cal Young

Here we have the grand entrance all prepared for primer and paint.  We protected everything before we started painting. In the opening you can see our exhaust filter bank. We use ventilation while we work to extract the paint odor and minimize dust.

Eugene House Painter with Staircase prepared for primer
Eugene House Painter with Staircase prepared for protection

Here you see the end result of a lot of tedious work. We painted the stair risers and skirts white and the newel posts black for a dramatic effect.   The view from above also shows the painted trim, doors, beams and walls in this home. We painted the front door to match the stair railing.

ugene House Painter with Staircase finished from the bottom
Eugene House Painter with Staircase finished from the top

Some simple staging really adds interest to this elegant entryway.

Eugene House Painter with Staircase staging at entrance

Here you can see through to the living room where we continued the high contrast colors. We painted the window sash black and the frames and all other trim white.

Eugene House Painter with contrasting colors to the Living Room

Here is another shot of the living room with the furniture moved in.

Eugene House Painter for Living Room

We leave you with the family dog enjoying some sunlight in this newly painted family room.

Eugene House Painter for Living Room with family dog enjoying

Beck Painting Inc is firmly rooted in Eugene Oregon. We have been an established painting company in the area for many years and see ourselves continuing to serve the area long into the future. Our reputation as a high quality home painting company is our number one priority. Want to transform a house into a beautiful home? Then please contact us to continue our dedication to our clients delivering quality craftsmanship, integrity and friendliness to continue to serve our fellow Eugenians for many years to come.